I specialize in a variety of areas for your business needs. Feel free to ask me about tasks that may not be specifically listed here and I will see how I can help you! I’m very flexible, adaptable, and willing to acquire skills for other’s needs.


Social Media

Scheduling Posts

I can help you keep consistent content on all your platforms. Not only that, but I know what gets you more views and likes. Need to research articles for a certain topic for the day? I’m here for you.

Comments & Likes

As I get to know your brand I get to know you, your voice, and what you jive with. Connecting with your audience on a daily basis is necessary, and personal connection means more than anything.


Email Management

Unsubscribing, organizing folders, and responding to emails that take up your day.

File Management

Getting your desktop and file folders in shape so everything is easy to find quickly and efficiently.

Website Management

Keeping all your sites up to date with your business news and updates to maintain your audience.

Calendar/Event Management

Calling for personal appointments or receiving appointments that work for you.

Data Entry

Entering data into a program/spreadsheet to keep everything you need in one place.

Customer Management

Addressing customer concerns to free up your inbox, your time, and your effort.