Virtual Services

Here is a detailed list of tasks that I’m able to relieve from your growing brand.
You can mix and match for whatever your needs are, all for $30/hr.
If you enjoy working with me, you have the option of moving into a monthly package deal created specially for you.


Social Media

Scheduling Posts

I can help you keep your content on all platforms consistently posting. Not only that, but I know what gets you more views and likes. Need to research articles for a certain topic for the day? I’m here for you.

Comments & Likes

As I get to know your brand I get to know you, your voice, and what you jive with. Connecting with your audience on the daily is necessary, and you know that personal connection means more than anything.


Blog Writing

Blogging can take a lot of research, brainstorming, and writing to show your brand is the one to go to for info.

Writing Editor

So you don’t have any embarrassing grammar mistakes or maybe it would be a good idea to expand on an idea.

Website Copywriter

I’m here if you need help writing out an about page, product or service description, contact page, etc.


You need references for some more information or citations in your post. I can take the time to do that.


Email Management

Unsubscribing, organizing into folders, and answering those same kind of email over and over again for you.

File Management

Getting your desktop and file folders in tip top shape so everything is easy to find quickly and efficiently.

Finance Management

Helping you manage your basic financial needs. I have experience in Quickbooks for these things.

Calendar/Event Management

Calling for personal appointments or receiving appointments to work with you.

Data Entry

Entering data into a specific program/spreadsheet to keep everything you need in one place.

Customer Management

Addressing easy to handle concerns to free up your inbox, your time, and your effort.