Pricing Packages

Stressed Less.jpg

Stressed Less

3hrs/week | $360-$450/mo

It’s just the little things in life. Need time for that small project you’ve been meaning to work on? This package is great if you need the simple day-to-day tasks done, such as social media scheduling and engagement or small site updates.

Breath of Fresh Air.jpg

Breath of Fresh Air

5hrs/week | $600-$750/mo

Let’s make your goals a reality. This option is good for those looking for consistent content and management tasks. Maybe you have a list of daily mundane jobs that someone else could do for you. Quit those taxing admin tasks and get creative!

Creative Freedom.jpg

Creative Freedom

10hrs/week | $1200-$1500/mo

You’ve got big plans for your brand. This package is catered towards businesses who need social media scheduling, planning, and interaction; moderate client management; or inbox management, just to name a few possibilities.


Don’t know which one is right for you?

Or maybe you just need the occasional help with a small project. No worries! Let’s have a chat and I will customize a proposal with suggested hours and scope of work for your business goals and needs. My desire is to give you the time you need to pursue your creative passions and self-betterment while continuing to help your business grow effectively.