What Would You Like To Know?


Everything has a purpose and place, and the tasks on the to-do list should be off the to-do list. For someone running their own business, it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing your best to expand your brand to bigger and better things. You’re going to take on more responsibilities as you grow your business, and it might get to the point where you can’t handle all that growth yourself. This is where I come in with, “Hello! How can I make running and expanding your business easier?” Throughout my life I have always been organized, and I love it. My passion for living a productive lifestyle has grown so much that I want to share it with fellow entrepreneurs. So let me take some of those tasks off of your hands so you can check off that growing to-do list with quick efficiency and without worry.


Why I Chose Virtual Assisting

I appreciate my secretary/assistant experiences from the past. This may sound strange, but I find satisfaction in sorting files, data entry, and getting mindless tasks done. The joy comes from knowing I leave things much more organized than before and that it would help them out in the future. People would come to me with smiles and enthusiastic thank-you’s and relief. I just love helping people with what they need.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube… I have been invested in them ever since they first started up. These and other platforms changed from simply connecting family and friends; now the focus is on promoting pretty much everything. And still, social media is always evolving. It’s been an amazing journey being a part of it from its birth and continually learning how to use it to our advantage. I want to share the tips I’ve learned to the benefit of others.

I have been passionate about writing since I was very young, and turns out I’m pretty good at it. I took creative writing in school and loved the idea of telling a story, whether fiction or non-fiction. I enjoy writing about the things I learn and sharing it with others. It blows me away how combinations of different letters can help someone think something never thought of. I also like helping others grow in their own writing expeditions to make sure their voice and story is heard in the best way possible.


A Little More About Me

I’m a hard-working Christian, always trying my best in all the things that I do. I’m 20-something years old and married to the love of my life. I love chocolate like no other. I enjoy cooking and tend to be pretty good at it (because all you need to do is follow the instructions on a recipe and suddenly you’re a 5-star chef). If it’s not obvious enough, I’m passionate about productivity lifestyles. My goal in every conversation is to make someone laugh. I have a bubbly personality and always try to look at situations in the best light I can.