What would you like to know?

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My ultimate goal

A lot of hard work goes into building a brand, but sometimes it can get to the point where most people are overworking and burning themselves out, leading to a loss of love in a craft they built from the ground up. It shouldn’t have to be that way. There is room for creative work and personal life desires, and I want to assist in creating that room. I want to help entrepreneurs not only be more productive and effective in their creative work, but being productive in their personal lives by giving them more time to do so.


Why I Chose Virtual Assisting

Virtual Assisting promotes a lifestyle I love: being productive! In a society where mental health and self-care are being talked about more openly, productivity also applies to our personal life and how we are spending our time and not just our work ethics. How are we being productive in bettering our health? How are we being productive in building family/friend relationships? There are small steps we have to take in different parts our lives to become the best person we ultimately want to become.


A Little More About Me

If it’s not obvious enough, I’m passionate about productivity lifestyles. I’m a hard-working Christian, always trying my best in all the things that I do. I’m in my 20s and married to the love of my life. I love chocolate like no other. I enjoy cooking and tend to be pretty good at it (because all you need to do is follow the instructions on a recipe and suddenly you’re a 5-star chef). My goal in every conversation is to make someone laugh. I have a bubbly personality and always try to look at situations in the best light I can.


What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is a self-employed worker who offers various services to assist clients, usually remotely. Most services usually include social media management, calendar/event management, graphic design, admin assistance and many others. Most VAs specialize in a specific service, so not all assistants will offer the same services. Each one is so unique to their own personal brand and skills, which is why it’s always good to look around to see which VA is the right one for you! Be sure to check out the services I offer to see if I can help you take care of your business needs.